Pride events 2018

This year the legal sector will have a very visible presence throughout Pride Season.  We will be marching at London, Leeds and Manchester Prides, and in addition will be joining the SRA and other regulators at Birmingham Pride and the Pride Cymru Parade in Cardiff.  Are you ready for a fantastic summer of pride?   

We march under the banner ‘All are equal under the law’ - in celebration of our progress as a sector in becoming ever more LGBT+ inclusive and to highlight the significant legal progress that has been achieved for LGBT+ people.  There is always a danger that progress could be reversed (as shown by current widespread transphobia) and so we want to demonstrate our support for LGBT+ rights.

We also march in solidarity with the global LGBT+ community, and it remains sobering that there is still a great deal to do before LGBT+ people can live equally and without fear in some parts of the World.  By getting out onto the streets we can demonstrate our determination as a profession to do all we can to achieve full equality.

Places on each Pride parade are limited and you are encouraged to register as soon as possible to let us know that you want to march with us. Once all places have been allocated we will, as in previous years, be operating a waiting list.  

All expressions of identity are welcome, including our “allies” and LGBT+ supporters.

Further information, including meeting points and t-shirt collection details, will be sent out to those securing a place.  If you have a t-shirt from last year please would you re-use it as we only have a limited supply.

Birmingham – Saturday 26 May
To book a place for Birmingham or Cardiff you will need to email: 
(Please do not ask for a SRA t-shirt, email if you have booked for Birmingham so we can coordinate on t-shirts.)

London – Saturday 07 July
Book London here

Leeds – Sunday 05 August
Book Leeds here

Manchester – Saturday 25 August
Book Manchester here

Cardiff – Saturday 25 August
To book a place for Birmingham or Cardiff you will need to email: 
(Please do not ask for a SRA t-shirt, email if you have booked for Cardiff so we can coordinate on t-shirts.)