Online event recordings

Please see below a list of the Law Society's past free online event recordings. You can watch any of the recordings by clicking on the title of the event.

 17 May Whiplash reforms and damages claims services updates
 13 May Risk update - Spring 2022: Key issues on the regulatory radar
 12 May  The 4 key enablers to improving practice productivity
 11 May  Government consultation on changes to the criminal legal aid means test
 09 May Government consultation on changes to the civil legal aid means test
 04 May  The CLAIR consultation - Your chance to hear from Minister Cartlidge
 04 May Chinese Underground Banking and Source of Funds and Potential Exploitation of Legal Services by Organised Crime
 29 April  Law Management Annual Financial Benchmarking Survey 2022: report launch

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 27 April  How to progress your in-house career
 27 April The digital AML advantage What firms need to know to stay ahead and stay compliant

 This event was sponsored by Thirdfort. Visit their website for further information and services.

 21 April  CQS Core Practice Management Standards Update

 This event was sponsored by InfoTrack, IndexPi and Geodesys. 
 20 April  Retirement planning and investment

 This event was sponsored by Mazars. Visit their website for further information and services.

 29 March  Looking Ahead The decline of the high street - How to succeed in a new era of business, marketing and sales tactics to grow your client base
 23 March  The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 - New Rules and Procedures Presentation 

 The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 - Q&A

 Session Slides

 Information Pack 
 22 March  JLD webinar - Tackling the tricky questions at NQ interviews
 17 March Looking ahead - How to succeed in a new era of business by investing in your staff
 17 March Unpicking the new Inheritance Tax Regulations
 16 March  Lessons from Global Markets: Finding efficiencies in document reviews as data volumes increase

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 15 March  JLD webinar - Alternative routes to the profession
 10 March  JLD webinar - How to sell yourself as a candidate
09 March  International Women's Day webinar
 08 March  Mitigating Ransomware Attacks

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 02 March  
 Cybersecurity in the COVID-19 Era

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 02 March  Getting it right – how to manage effectiveness of your AML programme for small firms
01 March   JLD webinar - A guide to avoid burnout
 01 March  CQS Core Practice Management Standards Update
 24 February  Civil Litigation – The emerging socio-economic and regulatory landscape for 2022 – risks, trends and horizon scanning
 24 February  Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) - A guide for overseas lawyers and law students 2022
 09 February  What CLAIR Means For You
 08 February  Competition Section: UK Policy Reform
03 February  Masterclass on your tax-year end planning for March

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 27 January  How to secure a position in the City (Top London Law Firm)

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 25 January  Brexit and the UK legal profession - One year on
20 January   

 Day of the Endangered Lawyer Online Seminar

14 December  Price transparency - Calculating and controlling your true costs  

 This event was in partnership with Insight Legal. Visit our website for further information on their services.
 10 December Let’s talk about Mental Health and Employment Law webinar
 09 December  The Fiona Woolf Lecture 2021
09 December  International Human Rights Day Seminar
 07 December Brussels v. Hague practical consequences of the UK exit from the EU for family law cases
 02 December  Considering the importance of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in your risk management framework

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  November 2021
 29 November  Data sharing in the new UK and European environment 
25 November  Russian-English Law Week - Day 3: The future of the legal profession in the UK and Russia
24 November Russian-English Law Week - Day 2: Disputes
23 November Embracing Disruption - The Future of Work

 This event was in partnership with Cisco. Visit our website for further information on their services.
23 November Russian-English Law Week - Day 1: Legal Updates in Russia and the UK
 22 November UN Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Webinar
22 November  Legal Aid Crime Contract 2022 Tender - all you need to know
18 November Legal technology: Driving profits through improved customer service

 This event was in partnership with LEAP. Visit our website for further information on their services.
17 November Legal Professional Privilege: developing law and practice
16 November Talking Pensions 

 This event was in partnership with Tilney. If you would like further information on making your money go further in retirement, please download Tilney’s ‘Your retirement income’ guide or click here to speak directly to a Tilney adviser.
11 November Cyber security for legal professionals - Webinar recording and slides

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 10 November How does the Autumn budget impact you? 
 This event was sponsored by Mazars. Visit their website for further information and services.
 9 November An insider’s guide to Capital Allowances – where to look, what to challenge, when to ask

 This event was in partnership with Catax. Visit our website for further information on their services.
 9 November  The Domestic Abuse Act 2021
 8 November Legal Aid Crime Contract 2022 Tender - all you need to know
October 2021
28 October  European Lawyers Webinar 
 25 October Terrorism offences - Preparation of acts of terrorism (s 5 T Act 2006) and collection of information (s58 T Act 2000)
21 October  The UK state aid reform: Subsidy Control Bill
 12 October Driving social mobility change in the profession: social mobility data - what to ask, how to get good return rates, and how to analyse
September 2021
 30 September
 How much do I need to retire?

 After watching this recording, if you would like further information on making your   money go further in retirement please download Tilney’s ‘Your retirement income’ guide here, or if you would like to speak to a Tilney adviser please click here

27 September 
 A careful investment for a lifetime of support - a guide for deputies and trustees

 Presentation slides

20 September Supporting your divorcee clients - webinar recording and slides
 11 September 
 JLD Forum part 1
 JLD Forum part 2
 JLD Forum part 3
 Presentation slides

 9 September Making the most of your money now - planning for the future
 2 September  Succession planning for small law firm owners – wills and lasting power of attorney
 July 2021 
15 July How to meet your AML compliance obligations while keeping fee-earners happy 
14 July Hybrid working and your firm’s cyber security
13 July Driving social mobility change in the profession
 June 2021
 25 June Returning to office: what are the employment law risks of introducing flexible and hybrid working practices?
16 June  Professional Indemnity Insurance: Surviving the hard market
15 June  Pension masterclass - helping you achieve your retirement goals
 8 June 

 Race for Inclusion: Room at the top for black women in Law

8 June   Communicating legal advice virtually
 7 June  
 Introduction to domestic abuse awareness

 Natasha's story 

 7 June 

 Brexit: issues affecting in-house teams
 May 2021
 26 May   Brexit: new EU-UK relationship - immigration and children public law
24 May   Responsible investing - an introduction to investing for good sponsored by Rathbones
 15 May   
 JLD forum: Crossroads and career development after qualification part 1

 JLD forum: Crossroads and career development after qualification part 2

13 May  

 How technology can support you with CQS compliance

 12 May Lifetime Allowance Freeze - Are you walking into a tax trap?
 11 May Mental health journeys and coping strategies for small firms
  6 May English Law Day in Ukraine: Disputes
 5 May 

 Choosing a Safe Pair of Hands for Clients Financial Planning Needs – What does Good Look Like?

  4 May Sentencing young adults: Getting it right first time
April 2021 

 29 April 

 Trust vs Control: The practicalities of law firm and financial management, from a distance

 Presentation slides

 28 April

State of Electronic Signature in the UK in a Post Brexit world

 27 April 
 Graham Turnbull Memorial Lecture 2021

 26 April 
 English Law Day in Ukraine: Private Client

 21 April 
 A smarter way to pass on your wealth

20 April  English Law Day in Ukraine: Corporate

March 2021  

25 & 26 March  

 English Law Day in Ekaterinburg 

Day one: Introduction and session one

Day one: Session two 

Day two Introduction and Session three

Day two: Session four 

 24 March

 AML Guidance - Section 7 - Technology 

 Presentation slides

22 March
 Presidential address - I. Stephanie Boyce 

 10 March 
Financial Planning for this tax year end and beyond

 8 March
 International Women's Day 2021

4 March   
Justice Week Question Time

3 March   Justice week - mental capacity The Mental Health Act – The Importance of a Review
February 2021  

 25 February 

 AML Guidance - Section 4 - Governance & Policies / Section 8 - Training & Brexit 

 Presentation slides 

24 February 
 Talking Tax Year End

10 February 

 AML Guidance - Section 6 - Client Due Diligence 

 Presentation slides

 6 February
 JLD forum: Helping you to secure a training position

 January 2021

 29 January

 AML Regulations - Section 5 - Risk Assessments

 Presentation slides

28 January 
 A lecture by Sir Geoffrey Vos QC on civil justice and LawTech

27 January 
 Brexit transition - UK Competition Law

26 January 
 Civil litigation Brexit transition - Enforcements of judgments and choice of courts

26 January 
 Risks and rewards of using technology effectively in legal practice

20 January 
 Brexit transition - Immigration Law and Employment of EEA nationals

19 January 
 Private Law Brexit transition - Divorce webinar

14 January 
 Data flows in a Brexit transition landscape

13 January 
 Brexit transition - Children Public Law: 1996 Hague Convention

 December 2020 

10 December The In-house lawyer and mental health – continuing the conversation
9 December Race for Inclusion: the experiences of black and minority ethnic solicitors 

8 December International Human Rights Day "The risks of defending rights in a global pandemic"
2 December English Law  Week in Mexico webinar three: Dispute resolution
2 December London Law Fair 2020
1 December English Law Week in Mexico webinar two: Compliance
 November 2020  

30 November 

 English Law Week in Mexico webinar one: Trade

19 November Fiona Woolf Lecture 2020 - The challenges of intersectionality - why there are so few black women lawyers in senior leadership roles in the legal profession and what can we do to change this?
19 November The 11 habits of successful law firms in the Digital Age - sponsored by LEAP
17 November The importance of financial planning - sponsored by Rathbones
12 November Recharge: Marketing yourself
11 November End of transition and intellectual property (Note: The webinar begins at the 10 minute mark)
6 November

Retirement planning

5 November Lex Mex 2020 Day 3: Trends in Commercial Arbitration and Litigation in Mexico and England
4 November Lex Mex 2020 Day 2: Business and Legal Challenges in light of the Covid-19 pandemic
 4 November

Catax - Capital Allowance: a box ticking exercise or a pot ofgold?

3 November Lex Mex 2020 Day 1: Legislative and Regulatory Update in Mexico
 October 2020 

9 October End of the transition period and cross-border civil and commercial judgments
8 October Civil Procedures Rules relating to Contempt of Court
8 October

 National Property Law Conference - Day three

Expectations of lenders and future lending developments – Robert Stevens

Valuation and yields - Charles Golding

Stamp duty land tax - Suzanne O'Hara 

Building a virtual law firm: digitally onboarding your client - Lisa Mahoney and Natalie Ferguson, Amiqus

Identifying opportunities in the current commercial property market - Richard Barkham 

E-signatures - Ciazer Cahn and Ben Hammond

7 October

 National Property Law Conference - Day two

Restoring consumer confidence in property - Kate Faulkner, Olly Thornton-Berry and Nick Kirby

CQS - Peter Rodd and Eleanor O'Reilly-Joe

Licensing - Niall McCann and Ric

Planning - Andrew Swaffer and Bernadette Hillman

The attraction of real estate for the laundering of criminal proceeds – Jerry Walters

7 October 15 years of the Mental Capacity Act
6 October

National Property Law Conference - Day one

Keynote address - Justin Marking, Lucian Cook and Jess Harrold

Commercial update - Jess Harrold

Residential update - Daniel Gatty and Faisel Sadiq

Previewing Law Society Learning with the latest CQS courses

3 October JLD Forum: Helping you secure a training position
1 October End of the transition period and family law 
 September 2020 

23 September Technology Conference – day two
22 September Technology Conference – day one
12 September  JLD Forum: Supporting you through qualification and beyond 
4 September Virtual and remote supervision
 August 2020

21 August Employment law considerations and workplace issues for solicitors with redundancy or return-to-work difficulties
13 August Changing career direction - Recharge webinar
12 August Mazars: Retirement planning and investing webinar
11 August English Law day in Ukraine part three: Private Client issues - immigration, family and real estate
4 August English Law day in Ukraine part two: Disputes - together with Ukrainian Arbitration Association
 July 2020

30 July Becoming a virtual or dispersed firm post lockdown
28 July English Law day in Ukraine part one: Transactions - A $5 billion dollar question: top cross-border transactional trends and legal developments in post-Covid Ukraine 
10 July Use of virtual execution and e-signatures during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
 June 2020

26 June Return to office post lockdown: Steps that law firms and sole practitioners need to take
26 June Legal aid and Covid-19 Q&A
20 June Junior Lawyer Division virtual conference
18 June Demonstrating the value of your in-house legal team through crisis management
17 June Moving sectors within your in-house legal career
16 June The in-house lawyer and mental health 
9 June Furlough updates, workforce planning and law firms
3 June Mazars: Retirement planning and investing in the current Covid-19 crisis and beyond
 May 2020

27 May Mazars: How to manage your personal finances during and beyond the Covid-19 crisis
19 MayEgress - Making email safe again: how to empower staff in your law firm