October 2021

Mon 25 Oct 2021 Terrorism Offences in the Crown Court - Dissemination of Terrorist publications
Location: Online
This webinar will give a brief overview of the Terrorism Act 2006 (‘TA’) as well as the most commonly encountered offences in the Crown Court. Section 2 TA 2006 and the various ways in which the offence can be committed, intentionally or recklessly and directly/indirectly will also be addressed.


Online, N/A - Online, London

Thu 28 Oct 2021 European Lawyers Webinar
Location: Online
This annual event reaches out to European lawyers currently practising or wishing to practise in future. European lawyers can gather and hear updates from experts across a range of public and business bodies on issues affecting TLS members and other interested parties.


Online, N/A - Online, London

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